Reliable AC Replacement Service in Birmingham, AL

Installing or replacing a new air conditioning unit is a customized process that is unique to each home. Call KS Services for a seamless central air install process in Birmingham, Alabama. We provide AC systems from trusted manufacturers. Remember, poorly installed AC systems will cause you to lose money in the long run. Let us help you avoid problems by doing everything right the first time.

Professional HVAC Installers

Not every AC installation company in Birmingham is as detailed as we are. With our professional AC service, you can expect these benefits: Better equipment performance, greater comfort, enhanced safety, fewer repairs, and warranty coverage. Do not spend another hot, humid summer in Central Alabama without the benefits of efficient air conditioning in your home.

Call KS Services to learn about new AC installation or replacement AC options. We are your dependable, affordable air conditioning company for all your install , service and repairs needs. If it is time to install new central air or replace an old system, give us a call. We often have air conditioner promotions that can help you save on air conditioner costs and installations. Few air conditioning companies in the Birmingham area have the experience we offer. With decades of reliable service, you can depend on us for quality AC replacement.

Fast Service and Fair Pricing

Lower your energy consumption and stay cool all year, while enjoying the peace-of-mind that comes with having a brand new warranty and the latest energy-efficient technology. Hire KS Services for quality installation and customized fine-tuning to fit your homes unique needs.

Our experienced home-comfort consultants can perform a cooling load analysis to determine the proper size of equipment and ductwork. These calculations take into account all aspects of your environment, including window size and location, construction materials, wall construction and orientation, ceiling heights, flooring, appliances, insulation and more.

AC Unit Financing Options

Did you know HVAC systems can account for up to 65% of the utility usage in a home. A new high efficiency HVAC system will reduce your utility costs and offset your monthly payments. Beyond the purchase of your home and automobile, your heating and cooling system could be one of the largest investments you’ll make. Today’s home comfort systems are more energy efficient than ever and with the proper system installation, you could see considerable savings over the lifetime of the system.

Financing your home comfort purchase is also a great way to offset your initial investment. KS Services offers flexible programs and payment options for the home comfort solution that suits and satisfies your heating and cooling needs (financing is subject to credit approval).

AC Replacement Warning Signs

Air conditioning replacement can strike at any time, however there are ways to determine whether your system needs addressed. These are some potential warning signs to determine if your air conditioner needs to be replaced in the near future:

Inconsistent Cooling: Aging models will contribute to inconsistent cooling. They can send your energy bills through the roof. Replacing your air conditioning system will almost always lead to more energy efficiency and reduced cost to cool your home.

Age: Even with the best maintenance, air conditioners wear out over time. Older air conditioning units will have lower efficiency than modern, high energy efficient models. The savings you gain from replacing your older unit may justify moving up the replacement date.

Humidity: Older and less efficient systems will produce excess humidity. This may indicate a broken part in the core or reduced cooling capacity.

Loud Noises: Older units will start making annoying noises. This might be a sign for the need of maintenance, the motor is slowing down or that the unit is unable to meet your needs.

Increasing Costs: If your energy bill spikes, it could be the indication your old air conditioner is starting to fail. The increased cost is a sign of cooling inefficiency. Generally this serves as a warning that your air conditioning unit is about to fail and needs to be replaced.

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