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Let KS Services take care of your air conditioning system today! We tackle all kinds of air conditioner problems of all makes and models for our customers in the Birmingham area. Dial our phone number first when you are experiencing problems with your AC unit. Hot, humid summers are common in Alabama.

When temperatures rise, you depend on your cooling system to provide comfortable climate control in your home. When your AC unit stops working during the hottest days of the year, you want cold air–fast! We tackle all types of common air conditioner issues. Plus, we offer 24/7 emergency air conditioning repair service to keep you and your family comfortable all summer long.

Customer Service is Our Top Priority

HVAC problems can happen at any time of day and any day of the week. No one wants to wait when you need an emergency AC repair. Our company is ready to come to the rescue when you need central air brought back to life or your AC unit is not working. We offer free estimates and transparent pricing.

We offer 24-hour emergency services for AC repair for homes and businesses throughout Birmingham and Central Alabama. Our trucks are ready to head to your location and provide emergency repair to your air conditioning unit day or night. In many cases, we can provide a fix in the same visit. Our trucks are equipped with quality parts and components to complete many air conditioning repairs on the spot.

HVAC Experts Trained to Restore Your Home Comfort

Most homeowners can handle minor air conditioner problems that impact their indoor air quality such as dirty air filters. It’s the more complicated ones like leaking refrigerants or compressor issues that are best left to people with the proper HVAC training and experience.

So call us at KS Services whenever your AC acts up and you don’t know what to do. Our NATE-certified HVAC technicians will give you the best air conditioning service Birmingham has to offer, and even make sure your unit won’t be breaking down anytime soon.

Signs Your System Requires Services

When your AC unit manifests the following signs, waste no time in calling us at KS Services for the best AC repair Birmingham has to offer.

Home isn’t cooling

Reasons may vary from dirty air filters to a malfunctioning electronic control board. While dirty air filters are easy to deal with, problems with an AC’s electronic control board can only be handled by a certified HVAC technician.

Smells and noises

Bad odors from your outdoor unit can come from overheating electrical components, while any new, unusual noises could be caused by a poorly lubricated central air fan motor or a loose fan belt.

Moisture around or near your system

It’s possible that water pools next to your AC unit may just be caused by a blocked drain tube. A refrigerant leak, however, could be the reason for the excessive moisture; and leaking refrigerant can cause harm to the unit, humans, and the environment.

How Can I Protect My Air Conditioner?

One of the best ways to protect your Birmingham, AL, air conditioning unit is to make sure it receives regular maintenance. When you enroll in KS Services’ 24/7 Club Membership program, your will ensure that your AC is well maintained, reducing the chance of unexpected breakdowns from occurring. Here are the following benefits of enrolling in our 24/7 Club Membership program:

  • AC tune up in the spring
  • Heating tune up in the fall
  • One plumbing visit
  • $49 diagnostic fee, 24/7
  • 24-hour emergency AC repair service
  • Priority Service
  • 10% savings on installation of a new system
  • 10% savings on repairs

Why You Can Trust KS Services

KS Services is not new to the Birmingham cooling equipment repair business. Our company has been providing professional customer service for years since we first began in 2011. Our HVAC professional technicians are certified to fix common air conditioner problems and provide routine service maintenance. Our experience and stellar reputation make us one of the best air conditioning contractors in Central Alabama. We offer AC unit home and commercial repair for our customers in the Birmingham area. Pick up the phone and call our number, or contact us online today to request an appointment for great service in the Birmingham area!

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