Heating Services in Greater Birmingham, AL

It always seems like heating systems decide to break down on the coldest day of the year or when you’re hosting for the holidays. Don’t worry. KS Services is here whenever you need us. We are ready to assist you with your heating needs any time of the year. Whether it’s before, during or after heating season and you need to replace your heat pump or schedule furnace repair service, we’re here to help.

In general, when we refer to heating services, we mean preventive maintenance or a tune up. We recommend a tune up for your furnace every fall, before the temperatures drop. This ensures your furnace is ready to handle anything.  

If you use a heat pump, we recommend a tune up twice a year. It needs two because it works all year to heat and cool your home. This workhorse has no “offseason,” like an air conditioner and a furnace combination. 

Heating service includes a deep inspection of all components in your furnace or heat pump. Your technician cleans the components, lubricates as needed and checks belt integrity. He or she also tests all controls and electrical switches. 

This thorough service quickly identifies signs of excess wear and tear. These red flags prevent bigger repairs and/or breakdowns so we can make minor repairs or suggest function changes. This ultimately saves you time and money. 

Finally, most manufacturer warranties require a qualified professional to perform routine maintenance for compliance.

Heating Repair in Birmingham

Just like with heating service, at KS Services, we repair any brand of heat pump, furnace or boiler. How do you know when you need a repair? Glad you asked! 

For example, odd behavior is your first signal. It’s a chilly fall or winter morning and cold air is coming from the vents. Maybe it doesn’t blow air at all! It might make a strange noise, like a clicking or grinding. You may hear screeches or squeals. In some cases, it’s strange odors, like musty mildew or a burnt metal smell. 

These symptoms are specific clues to an experienced HVAC technician. We are happy to jump in and solve your problem before it requires replacement or more importantly, risks your safety. 

It’s true. These powerful and expensive appliances provide more than comfort in our homes. Heating and air equipment affect your safety as well. Call us for any concerns you have with your heat pump or furnace. The peace of mind is worth it.

Heating Installation in Birmingham

It’s important to use the right equipment. Our team carefully measures and records information about your house, your needs and your energy-efficiency goals. It’s crucial to get the appropriately-sized HVAC unit for your home. Too often, we find a customer with heating and air units too big or too small for his or her home. 

Too big or too small leads to problems including short cycling, high energy bills and uneven temperatures. When you’re ready to replace a furnace or heat pump, give us a call. 

We’re happy to talk through your various options, the pros and cons of variable versus single-speed units, how to incorporate a WiFi or “smart” thermostat and if ductless mini-splits are right for you. 

Ductless heat pumps continue to win new fans. First, you could use a single unit to boost the heating in a room hard to keep warm or temperature-regulated. 

Ductless mini-splits install on the wall or ceiling and are quiet, energy-efficient and flexible. If you build onto your home or finish a space like a garage workspace, they’re an easy choice. 

Second, more homeowners opt for zone control of specific rooms or floors when they install multiple indoor units to heat and cool their whole house. As many as four to six indoor units may connect to a single outdoor condenser unit.

Preventive Maintenance Plans for Heat Pumps, Furnaces, Mini-Splits and Boilers

Want to delegate heating and air maintenance? Delegate even thinking about it with a maintenance plan. At KS Services, we know you’re busy. That’s why we created our maintenance plans to make it easier for you to check heating service off the to-do list. 

Spend your time doing what you want to do, not rearranging plans because of a furnace breakdown. The easiest way to prevent high energy bills and unexpected repairs is preventive maintenance. 

We offer multiple plans to fit different needs and different budgets. Choose the one that’s right for you and relax. We’ll even call you when it’s time to schedule!

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