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For a quality ultraviolet air cleaner, Bryant offers their Preferred Series UV Lamp. It is a single lamp designed to kill bacteria and mold found in the moist areas of your heating and cooling system. Bryant’s UV lamp operates silently while preventing mold growth and other harmful bacteria from circulating through your indoor air.

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Product Features

  • Eliminates mold spores and bacteria on cooling coil
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Enhances air flow
  • Encourages system efficiency
  • Minimizes build-up on coils
  • Silent operation
  • 90-day limited warranty for lamps
  • 5-years limited warranty

Product Specifications

  • Maximum amperage draws 0.6 AMPS
  • 1 year life expectancy
  • Performance power consumption: 23 watts
  • Technology power consumption: 53 watts
  • 6-foot-long power cord included
  • 19” bulb length

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