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The summers in Alabama are hot, and many depend on an air conditioner to get through intense temperatures and humidity. What happens when your cooling system fails?

Consider asking yourself these simple questions and find the solution to your air conditioning problems. Is your air conditioner old and not performing as efficiently as it should? Did you “inherit” an older air conditioner when you bought a home?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, it’s likely time to upgrade to a new air conditioner.  Replacing your current unit with the same unit generally won’t save you money down the road on future repairs or your energy bill.

KS Services wants you to understand the importance and value of upgrading to a new high-efficiency air conditioner. There are three main reasons for investing in a more efficient unit, which we are happy to share!

It’s More Than Cooling!

Your air conditioner is vital to the comfort of your home, and when it’s on the fritz, you are left sweating in the heat. Plus, it seems an air conditioner breaks down at the worst time, like when guests are visiting, the temperature is at a record-breaking high or you just returned home after an expensive vacation. Dealing with an old air conditioning unit can be stressful and a financial drain.

Upgrading your air conditioner is an investment, for your home and your future. Waiting until your current unit calls it quits might be your first thought, except it isn’t always the best option. It can be hard to weigh the pros and cons of upgrading, so knowing the advantages will help you make an informed decision:

Air Conditioner Upgrade Benefits

Increased Energy Efficiency:

The HVAC industry has evolved, and the latest advancements are drastically changing how efficiently air conditioners are performing. Older cooling systems use more energy to maintain even temperatures and ideal humidity levels, resulting in higher energy bills every month.

New high-efficiency air conditioners are designed to work smarter, which means they keep your home comfortable without wasting energy. They offer consistent cooling with lower energy costs on a daily basis.

Reliable Performance:

Your current cooling system is unpredictable, especially if you are dealing with HVAC repairs every other month. You never know when your AC unit will break down or not start at all.

Upgrading your air conditioner will ensure your new unit performs correctly for a long time, without worrying over surprise repairs. A preventative maintenance plan for a new unit will prevent breakdowns even longer!

New Warranties:

Upgrading to a new air conditioner means new manufacturer warranties and installation guarantees. These provide you with savings in the future if something goes wrong. Your old system probably doesn’t have any coverage or protection anymore, which leaves you paying out-pocket for any repair work it needs.

Most heating and cooling companies won’t issue a protection plan for old systems, which means there is no option for coverage. If your system is too old, you might struggle to find parts, and they might be more expensive to replace.

Ready to Make the Move

If your current cooling system is always breaking down or you’re not even sure how old it is, consider upgrading to a new high-efficiency unit. Discover what upgrading to a new air conditioner can do for you by calling KS Services today. Our friendly staff and technicians will answer your questions about upgrading and schedule a time to give you a free estimate for a new unit.