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Keep Your Energy Bills as Low as Possible

During the summer, your air conditioning system is working hard to keep you and your family cool, especially when the temperatures continue to rise. However, with your cooling system working harder to keep you comfortable indoors, your energy bill will be higher and cost you money you can’t afford to lose. KS Services understands summers are for fun in the sun, which is why we want to help you before it’s too late.

Try These Four Tips from KS Services

Everyone loves to save money, especially in the summer when they are planning vacations and family gatherings. The last thing you want to deal with is a high energy bill due to your air conditioner working harder than necessary to keep you cool.

There are several ways to increase your air conditioner efficiency without sacrificing your comfort. Below are suggestions to save you money and keep you smiling all summer long:

  • Check your outdoor unit: Clear away debris from the exterior unit, which can restrict the airflow around your AC compressor and reduce air conditioner efficiency. You can visually inspect and remove leaves, twigs, feathers and other pieces of trash lodged in or around your unit.

    Landscaping, such as trees, bushes and shrubs need to be at least two feet away from the outdoor component. If you notice anything overgrowing and interfering with your unit’s ventilation, trim it back so the AC compressor can breathe.
  • Utilize Ceiling Fans: Air movement from ceiling fans can make a room feel much cooler without touching the thermostat. Use ceiling fans in rooms where traffic is high.

    They push cool air out and down, allowing your skin to evaporate sweat faster and leaving you feeling cooler. A ceiling fan increases your air conditioner efficiency throughout the summer by keeping you cool so you don’t touch the thermostat.
  • Schedule a Tune-Up: Your air conditioner efficiency is affected by how clean it is and the amount of wear and tear it suffers during the cooling season. Air conditioner tune-ups or scheduled maintenance with our NATE-certified technicians will keep your system healthy.

    Our technician checks and/or replaces air filters, cleans the interior components, and notifies you of issues potentially leading to expensive HVAC repairs in the future. He or she also inspect all electrical connections and wiring, and checks for refrigerant leaks during a routine tune-up.

    Finally, the technician lubricates any moving parts to reduce friction and excess wear and tear on your air conditioner’s parts.
  • Install a Programmable Thermostat: A regular old-fashioned dial thermostat lets you adjust the temperature in your home, while a modern thermostat can be programmed to reflect the routines of your household.

    Wi-Fi-enabled models allow you to control the temperature from anywhere remotely, whether it’s at the airport or after you’ve settled into bed. Your air conditioner efficiency is amplified with a programmable thermostat, especially when it informs you of your energy consumption, excessive humidity, an anomaly in your HVAC or the need for a filter change.

Call KS Services for Air Conditioner Efficiency Help

Don’t blow your hard-earned money on high energy bills this summer! Raise your air conditioner efficiency with these tips and call KS Services for all your heating and cooling needs.

We offer HVAC maintenance services, tune-ups and repairs to keep you cool all summer long. Interested in a new air conditioner or heat pump? We offer free estimates and can arrange financing to spread out the payments.