Air conditioner not workingAir conditioner not working

When your home’s cooling system has performance issues, you sure do feel it during the summer months! Birmingham, Alabama area residents are able to troubleshoot many common cooling system problems on their own, such as an air conditioner not cooling enough. With a little troubleshooting know-how, you may be able to restore comfort in your home without the wait or expense of a service call.

If your AC isn’t cooling, KS Services recommends you take these steps before you contact us for air conditioner repair. If these tricks do not solve the problem, give us a call to schedule service – we are happy to correct cooling system problems to restore comfort in your home!

What to Do with an Air Conditioner Not Cooling

Airflow problems are a main concern when your AC isn’t cooling your home well enough. Cooling systems need adequate airflow to properly operate, but there are numerous ways it can be blocked. When an airflow blockage is present, you experience difficulties maintaining comfort indoors.

Change Your Filter

A clogged furnace filter is a common cause for an air conditioner to stop working properly. Clogged filters restrict airflow within the system and into your home. If your cooling system doesn’t receive enough airflow due to a blocked filter, the system may overheat and shut down, causing disruptions in cooling.

Check your filter each month during periods where you depend heavily on your air conditioner for comfort. During these periods, the filter may need to be changed more frequently than during milder weather. Change the filter if you notice its surface is heavily covered with debris, or if you have reached the recommended lifespan of your filter.

Clean Up Around the Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor condenser unit needs free airflow to effectively release heat during the cooling process. It is often overlooked, which means a blockage here may occur without your knowledge until you start suffering indoor comfort issues.

  • Gently brush away all grass clippings, leaves, twigs and other yard debris that have collected on the exterior of the unit.
  • Trim away any vegetation or branches growing along the unit. 
  • Remove any outdoor items stored directly near the outdoor unit.
  • If you have a fence or other enclosure around your outdoor unit, make sure there is at least two feet of space on all sides to allow proper clearance for good airflow.

Check Vents and Registers

Airflow into your living areas may be blocked. Keep your supply and return air vents free of objects like blinds, carpets or furniture so your AC can operate efficiently and there is even cool air distribution.

Other Solutions That Improve Home Comfort

In addition to the direct troubleshooting steps above, there are a few more solutions to combat an air conditioner that isn’t properly cooling. 

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance performed on your air conditioner by a licensed technician helps ensure it operates at its peak efficiency throughout the season. With a trained eye reviewing your system, your technician catches any potential breakdowns before they occur. All components of a maintenance tune up help your AC unit work at its best.

Install Ceiling Fans

If your home is not already equipped with ceiling fans, having them installed is a great way to improve comfort. Use ceiling fans when rooms are occupied and turn them off when vacating. In the summer, set the blades to operate in a counterclockwise direction as a way of creating a nice, gentle wind. 

Without the breeze, you feel hotter indoors and it seems like your AC unit isn’t cooling enough. The windchill effect produced by the fan helps your body stay cooler, as the breeze helps moisture evaporate faster from your skin. You are able to set back your thermostat a few degrees and save energy.

Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

Issues with your air conditioner could stem from an undersized system. Consult one of our professional technicians to ensure your system is the right size for your home and you aren’t over- or under-cooling for your space needs. If your system is too small, it is unable to produce sufficient cooling for your home, consumes excessive amounts of energy and is likely to suffer breakdowns due to constant use.

Swap your old, inefficient air conditioning system for a properly-sized, high-efficiency one to cut electricity bills by one-third. 

Call KS Services If You Have an Air Conditioner Not Cooling

When you have an air conditioner that isn’t properly cooling your home, your indoor living areas quickly become uncomfortable. When your system does not respond to the troubleshooting tips above, it’s time to call KS Services for air conditioner repair. Our licensed cooling technicians diagnose system performance issues and make necessary repairs to improve comfort and efficiency. We are also happy to discuss other solutions that help you maximize comfort in your Birmingham, AL home.