living room with ductless unit and green pillows | Renovation Plans 5 Reasons to Consider Ductless HVAC Technology in Birmingham | KS Servicesliving room with ductless unit and green pillows | Renovation Plans 5 Reasons to Consider Ductless HVAC Technology in Birmingham | KS Services

During a home renovation, simplify your heating and cooling plans by installing a ductless HVAC system. Also called a ductless mini-split, these systems offer a cost-effective heating and cooling solution. Is it the right choice for your home and your specific needs? Read why hiring the pros at KS Services for ductless HVAC system installation in your Birmingham home may be the way to go.

No Need for Ductwork

The main benefit to this type of system is in the name: ductless HVAC systems don’t rely on ducts. Instead, they use outside condensing units and indoor air handlers. Refrigerant comes directly from the outdoor unit through an insulated refrigerant line.

That’s what makes a ductless HVAC system a great choice for a new room addition — your remodeling options increase significantly without the concern of where you should install space-consuming ductwork.

An added perk of ductless HVAC systems not needing ductwork? Installation becomes much easier and less expensive without the need to install and connect ducts.

Save on Installation and Energy

Duct leaks account for 30 percent of energy consumption when it comes to central air, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. When you eliminate the need for ducts, you end up with a more energy-efficient system because you don’t lose any air through ductwork.

The result is long-term savings for you and improved heating and cooling in your home.

Cleaner Air

By its very nature, your ductwork collects a lot of dust, lint, dander, and other debris. When the air conditioner blower turns on, these contaminants travel from the vents into the home’s air.

Bad news to those in your home who live with allergies or other respiratory illnesses. Without ductwork, ductless HVAC systems blow less dust into the air — a huge advantage when better indoor air quality is your goal.

Zoned Heating and Cooling

If you have a central heating and air system, closing vents in rarely used rooms increases your chances of pressure imbalances or microbial growth issues. Ductless HVAC systems put you in control of the temperature for each zone in your home without the risk of harm to your unit or your home’s air quality.

If you use a room only occasionally, just turn off the unit in that zone — you won’t waste money heating and cooling it.

Saves Space

Experienced technicians install compact ductless HVAC units on your wall or ceiling. They consume much less space than a traditional HVAC system does. Add in you now have the option to remove your existing ductwork and raise the height of your ceilings and you have the potential to open up even more extra living space in your renovation plans.

Comprehensive Ductless HVAC Solutions in Birmingham

Does a ductless HVAC system fit in with the remodeling plans for your Birmingham home? If you’re still not sure, our experienced HVAC technicians have the expertise to inspect your home and help you weigh your options before you make a decision. Contact KS Services to learn more about installing a ductless HVAC system in your home.