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It’s common to use ceiling fans to boost cooling during the hot season, but what about the winter? Ceiling fans can enhance your home’s heating and air system during the cold months, too. They offer even more than just boosting your furnace’s temperatures. By using your ceiling fans correctly in the winter, you can increase energy savings at the same time. It’s time to utilize those ceiling fans this winter to boost your heating and air efficiency and energy savings.

Ceiling Fan Operation

Ceiling fans impact your home’s heating and cooling performance every season when used appropriately. During the hotter season, ceiling fans’ moving blades create a wind chill effect, making a room feel cooler than it is. Ceiling fans are incredibly effective at dropping a room’s temperature, and you can set the thermostat close to 4 degrees higher to conserve energy in the summer.

A ceiling fan during the colder months works the opposite way with a furnace’s heat. The blades push the warm air out along the ceiling and down the walls of a room. Blades running clockwise allow warm air to circulate and distribute throughout your home evenly.

Operating Ceiling Fans in the Winter

Ceiling fans typically operate in a counterclockwise motion, which is great for cooling a home. To boost your heating and air in the winter to create even warmth, you only need to flip the switch on the ceiling fan. The switch turns the blades counterclockwise to clockwise.

Blades in the clockwise position push the warm air out and down along the ceiling and walls. Heat rises regardless, but the ceiling fan pulls all the heat to it, thereby forcing the warm air out from the center. The more the fan pushes the warm air up and out, the warmer your room gets.   

Ceiling Fans Save Energy

Ceiling fans used in the winter can save you close to 15% on your heating bill. Heat evenly distributed in each room allows your heating and air system to operate less often. A system that runs less frequently uses less energy to achieve your ideal temperature in your home. You can also turn your thermostat back since the heat is continuously circulating because of the ceiling fan.

KS Services’ HVAC contractors encourage homeowners to utilize ceiling fans during the colder months for the health of their furnaces and heating systems. A system that operates less or that doesn’t overwork itself requires fewer repairs by an HVAC contractor. Boost your heating and air energy savings and lengthen the life of your unit by implementing ceiling fans year round!

When Not to Use Ceiling Fans

The one thing to remember about using ceiling fans regardless of the season is to monitor their use. A ceiling fan that is continuously running uses energy, even when a room is empty. Save money and energy by turning ceiling fans off in rooms when you’re not in there. You only get the advantage of a ceiling fans’ boost to your temperature when you are in there. So running the fan in an empty room doesn’t gain you anything and instead costs you money in the end.  

Get the most out of your heating and air system this winter by using your ceiling fans! You can save energy and prevent unexpected calls to your friendly HVAC contractor at KS Services. Call KS Services for annual maintenance to keep your furnace running smoothly this winter!