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Sunroom Too Hot to Enjoy?

Sunrooms are a great addition to any home for visiting with friends, reading a book or enjoying a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, as the heat rises so does the temperature in a sunroom. Enjoy the use of your sunroom regardless of the sweltering sun by installing ductless technology to keep you cool. KS Services offers high-quality ductless air conditioning systems plus experienced and industry-certified technicians to install your quiet and energy efficient new sunroom system.

Ductless Technology

The beauty of a ductless system for your sunroom is you don’t have to tie into your current HVAC system or run additional ductwork. A ductless air conditioning system is comprised of two units, an indoor air handler and an outdoor unit housing the refrigerant lines and compressor. A small 3-inch hole is drilled through the wall to connect the outdoor unit to the inside air handler. You can achieve sunroom air conditioning quickly and start enjoying your sunroom the same day of installation.

Ductless sunroom air conditioning uses the refrigerant to transfer and convert the heat in the room to cool air. Also known as a ductless mini split, it’s essentially a heat pump. The air handler inside takes the cool air and distributes it throughout the sunroom, creating a cool environment for relaxation. KS Services offers several options for your sunroom air conditioning needs to fit any budget. Our NATE-certified technicians will get your new ductless unit installed quickly and answer any questions you have before, during and after installation is complete.

Advantages of Ductless Technology

Not only can you start enjoying your sunroom air conditioning the same day of installation, there are many other benefits of ductless technology:

No Construction

You don’t have disruptive construction for installing additional ductwork in your home. Usually, a sunroom is an addition and your current HVAC system might not have ductwork running to the new area, or it may not have the capacity to cool the new space. A ductless sunroom air conditioning system requires zero ductwork, and the construction is a small hole drilled through the wall.

Separate Climate Control

A ductless system isn’t tied to your current heating and cooling system, which means it’s independent when operating. You can turn the unit on or off without affecting the temperature in the rest of your home and vice versa. By maintaining an ideal temperature in only one room, the sunroom air conditioning system offers precise climate control when and where you need it.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Because it cools one area of your home, ductless sunroom air conditioning is more efficient than traditional forced-air systems. When no one is in your sunroom, turn off the unit without interfering with the home’s temperature. Ductless systems don’t cycle on and off, which prevents them from wasting energy.

Reversible Application

Ductless technology provides you with both heating and cooling in your sunroom. Think of it as getting two systems for the price of one. Your sunroom air conditioning system can switch to heating mode once the season changes, allowing you to utilize your sunroom longer in the chillier fall and winter seasons.

Healthy Indoor Air Quality

No ductwork, means no ducts to accumulate dirt, dust and other allergens typically circulated through a central air system. Just change the filter and you’re good to go!

Enjoy Ductless Mini Splits in Your Home – Call KS Services

So make the most of your sunroom by installing ductless technology to maintain cool temperatures throughout the summer. Cool sunroom air conditioning doesn’t have to be a fantasy with the right cooling system. Make your dream a reality by calling KS Services today and schedule installation for a new ductless air conditioning system.