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Get an Efficiency Check with Your Tune-Up

Transitioning between warm weather to colder climates can be tricky for your heating and cooling system to handle. Call KS Services for help! If you have uneven temperatures in your home, ductless air systems may be the perfect solution.

Ductless air systems provide controlled temperatures in separate areas of your home, keeping efficiency in check. These units allow you to switch back and forth between cooling and heating, using a remote for ultimate convenience. Discover the benefits of ductless air systems and call KS Services to discuss your options.

In addition, our skilled NATE-certified technicians perform regular tune-ups and fully inspect your heating and cooling system. Your HVAC system will perform better when it’s routinely tested, cleaned and lubricated. We catch and diagnose any potential problems to save you from costly repairs later.

Too Many Benefits to Count with Ductless Air Systems

Ductless air systems do more than keep you cool or warm all year. They give you more control over the temperature in a designated space of your house. They don’t interfere with your current heating and cooling system.

Your HVAC system will operate more efficiently when it doesn’t strain to cool or heat other areas of your home. Ductless air systems offer many other advantages, including:

Flexible Installation

Traditional heating and cooling systems use forced air delivered via ductwork throughout your home. Ductless air systems are a small exterior unit and an indoor unit with zero ductwork to provide temperatures to a zone.

Installation is quick, easy and offers various mounting options to suit your needs. Installation of a furnace, heat pump or air conditioner takes more time, considering all the ductwork and extra construction needed. Ductless air systems are usually installed the same day so you can enjoy more comfort immediately.

Greater Indoor Air Quality

Similar to traditional heating and cooling units, ductless air systems filter the air before it’s circulated throughout a zone. This filter still needs to be inspected and changed regularly, like a central air conditioner.

Keep in mind, however, it boosts your indoor air quality to filter air for a specific space. Because ductless air systems are independent, contaminants from ductwork don’t spread through a room when the unit is running.

Increased Efficiency

Ductless air systems are compact with zoning capabilities. This means you achieve greater energy efficiency because they require less energy to cool or heat any zone. They operate using less power without compromising the temperature in other areas of your home.

Another way ductless air systems offer increased energy efficiency is due to zero energy loss when heating or cooling. Traditional heating and cooling systems lose energy in the ductwork due to airflow obstructions and damaged areas.

Damaged or leaking ductwork forces your heating and cooling system to operate harder. It’s more difficult to deliver ideal comfort and leaves you vulnerable to uneven temperatures.

Quiet Performance

Window air conditioners and space heaters are noisy and take up more space. Ductless air systems provide you with ideal temperatures without racking up a high energy bill, and they do this without you even noticing they are there. They offer quiet performance regardless of whether they are heating or cooling a space.

KS Services Provides Cooling and Warmth with Ductless Air Systems, Preventive Maintenance

Stop experiencing uneven temperatures throughout your home by installing ductless air systems in different areas of your house. Our team is happy to walk you through all options and financing options.

For the most efficient service, join one of our maintenance plans. They put HVAC service on a schedule and provide discounts on repairs or replacements. Call KS Services to schedule an estimate for ductless heating and cooling or to schedule a tune-up on your HVAC system.