Woman relaxing on couch with coffee | Ductless Heating for Cozy Alabama Home | KS ServicesWoman relaxing on couch with coffee | Ductless Heating for Cozy Alabama Home | KS Services

More homeowners these days are familiar with ductless cooling systems, but many in Alabama do not realize ductless heating can be a perfect solution to fight off the winter chill indoors!

Learn more about ductless heating and how it can bring comfort to your Alabama home. KS Services provides quality equipment with skilled installation to bring ductless heating technology to your family.

What Is Ductless Heating?

First, ductless heating systems are a versatile heating option for homeowners facing many heating challenges. These systems consist of an outdoor heat pump connected to indoor air handlers mounted in individual zones.

Heated air is delivered to the area directly through the air handler. There are no ducts as with conventional forced air heat pumps, furnaces or air conditioners.

Second, a single heat pump can support numerous indoor air handlers, depending on the model and configuration. These units also use heat pump technology to provide cooling during warmer months.

Pros of Ductless Heating

Ductless heating offers many advantages for Alabama homeowners. Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • No need for ducts, making them a great solution for homes without ductwork, or areas where the current duct system would be cost-prohibitive to extend
  • Can offer heating and cooling for new additions and newly-finished areas without expansion or upgrade of the home’s current HVAC system
  • No energy loss through duct leaks, saving you money on energy costs
  • Offer the ability for zoned heating and cooling, with individual air handling units serving each unique zone. More control over energy consumption increases energy savings.
  • Add supplemental heating in areas difficult to keep warm with the home’s forced air HVAC system
  • Multi-stage filtration which greatly improves indoor air quality
  • Installation is quick and easy, and completed with minimal disruption to your household
  • Air handlers are available in ceiling and wall mount configurations with many sleek exteriors to match or blend with your home’s interior aesthetic.

Perceived “Cons” of Ductless Heating

In some situations, ductless heating does have drawbacks. These include:

  • Higher upfront costs than some conventional systems, depending on the equipment
  • Each air handler’s filter must be washed or replaced often, in some cases monthly
  • Some homeowners may be put off by the unit’s appearance in their living area
  • While ideal for homes in Alabama, homes in colder climates experience a limited heating capacity from ductless heating

What Ductless Heating Can Do for You

Ductless heating can take any space in your home and turn it into a comfortable retreat. Excellent for installation in sunrooms and garages. Ductless units also work well in new additions and attics.  With this tech, you can bring heating to areas previously unconditioned for year-round comfort.

You’ll also gain zoned comfort control to cut back on heating costs. Plus, you’ll gain the convenience of controlling comfort in each zone just the way you like it without affecting other areas of your home.

Because there are no ducts, you automatically eliminate the up to 30 percent average energy loss homes experience through leaky ductwork.

Finally, ductless heating is versatile and efficient, bringing comfortable indoor temperatures to Alabama homes of all types. So contact KS Services today to learn more about heating options and how to improve indoor comfort for your family.