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Heat pumps offer year-round comfort for homes in Alabama. Because they function all year and do not take seasons off like air conditioners and furnaces do, heat pump maintenance is critical to protecting the performance, efficiency and service life of your unit. Follow these heat pump maintenance tips to keep your system running properly throughout the year.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps operate differently than a traditional air conditioner or furnace. Heat pumps move heat to achieve heating and cooling. In the summer months, a heat pump extracts excess heat from your home, sending it outside (or underground in geothermal systems). During the winter, the heat pump draws heat from outdoor air, moving it indoors to heat your living areas.

Furnaces, on the other hand, create heat, through the combustion of fossil fuels or electrical resistance. Air conditioners and heat pumps operate in much the same way to cool a home, but an air conditioner cannot perform heating functions as a heat pump can.

Performing Heat Pump Maintenance

If your Alabama home is equipped with a heat pump, there are certain heat pump maintenance steps you should take throughout the year to safeguard the performance and efficiency of your equipment.

  • Change air filters as needed. Check the filter manufacturer’s recommendation for frequency while considering special factors about your home that may increase the frequency for changes, such as pets or smoking in the home.
  • Keep exterior coils clean year-round. Cut off power to the unit and use a hose to clear away dirt.
  • Keep vegetation at least 24 inches back from your heat pump to allow for proper airflow.
  • Never store items around your exterior heat pump. This includes patio furniture, lawn tools and outdoor toys.
  • In the winter, remove snow and ice from your unit’s exterior. Tops, sides, and the area around the heat pump should be cleaned off to prevent damage and allow air to flow freely to the unit.
  • Flush the unit’s condensate pan and drain to eliminate clogs that could cause mold growth and water damage to the surrounding areas.

Professional Heat Pump Maintenance

Furnaces and air conditioners only require maintenance once per year. Because they serve both functions, heat pumps require heat pump maintenance twice per year: once for heating season and once for cooling season. During professional heat pump maintenance, our NATE-certified technicians perform the following and more, to ensure your unit is ready to meet the demands of the coming season.

  • Inspecting components for damage.
  • Verify proper airflow.
  • Measure refrigerant charge and identify leaks.
  • Electrical terminal inspection, as well as cleaning and tightening of terminals if needed.
  • Lubricate motors.
  • Inspect belts.
  • Verify controls and safety switches.
  • Verify correct thermostat communication.

Heat Pump Maintenance Experts in Alabama – KS Services

Taking care of your heat pump is important in all Alabama homes. With the right care year-round, your heat pump will provide reliable heating and cooling at costs much lower than air conditioners or furnaces. KS Services is here to help you with skilled heat pump maintenance performed by our NATE-certified technicians. Contact us today to schedule heat pump maintenance services.