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High heating bills can really eat into your winter budget – with the right heating and air energy tips for winter, you can conserve energy in your Birmingham, AL area home without sacrificing comfort.

Cut your energy bills, help the environment, and give your heating system a break this season when you incorporate these heating and air energy tips into your seasonal routine. For all your heating and cooling needs, KS Services has you covered.

Heating and Air Energy Tips for Your HVAC System

  • Schedule a preventative maintenance tune-up for your heating system this fall or winter. Preventative maintenance works to improve a system’s performance and energy efficiency and helps it use less energy to heat your home. Maintenance also works to prevent breakdowns which could cause higher energy consumption.
  • Schedule repairs right away. If your furnace or heat pump malfunctions, don’t put off repairs. Problems with different HVAC system components place the system under stress and force it to draw excess energy. This not only burdens the equipment, it raises your energy bills.
  • Replace your furnace filter regularly throughout the heating season for proper airflow through your heating equipment. Check the filter monthly to identify excess contamination requiring a change. Replace your furnace filter according to the manufacturer’s specifications or sooner if your home’s conditions warrant it.

Heating and Air Energy Tips for Your Home

  • Identify and seal air leaks throughout your home. Seal cracks and gaps which let indoor air out and outdoor air in. This prevents heat loss and keep more of your heating energy in the home where you can use it.
  • Add weather stripping around door frames to prevent drafts of cool air into your home. This also requires your heating system to work harder.
  • Keep fireplace dampers closed unless you are burning a fire in the fireplace. An open damper allows warm air from your living areas to escape out the chimney.
  • Prevent heat loss when using the fireplace by opening dampers in the firebox’s bottom. If not provided, open the nearest window approximately one inch and shut all doors to the fireplace room. This helps you stay warm even with lower thermostat temperatures.
  • Use plastic sheeting or film to cover window interiors to prevent cold air infiltration.
  • Use heavy, insulating drapes or curtains to prevent cold air infiltration in your rooms whenever you do not have sunlight exposure. In south-facing rooms, open curtains during the daytime to take advantage of natural solar energy.

Heating and Air Energy Tips for Your Thermostat

  • When you are home and awake, choose temperature settings as low as you can comfortably tolerate.
  • For periods where everyone is asleep or out of the home, set back your thermostat 10 to 15 degrees. Doing so for eight or more hours can lead to a savings of up 10 percent annually. A programmable or smart thermostat makes this adjustment easy!

Heating and Air Energy Expertise in Birmingham

For expert assistance and smart heating and air energy tips, contact KS Services today. We provide a variety of services to keep your heating equipment performing at high energy efficiency levels for lower heating bills all season long.