Yardwork during the summer | HVAC cleaning | KS ServicesYardwork during the summer | HVAC cleaning | KS Services

Spring brings extra responsibilities for the average homeowner. Spring cleaning of your home, additional yard work and general maintenance of your home all top the to-do list when the weather starts warming up. Keeping your lawn and landscaping presentable might be your only concern when it comes to yard work, but did you know it can affect your heating and cooling system? Aside from scheduling preventative maintenance on your heating and cooling system, you can reduce issues with your HVAC system by protecting your outdoor unit in the spring with proper yard work.

Effects of Poor Lawn Care Maintenance

Poor lawn care maintenance can produce disastrous results with your heating and cooling system and lead to higher energy costs and malfunctions from your outdoor unit. Examples of improper lawn care include:

  • Allowing tall, uncut grass to grow around your outdoor unit which interferes with the airflow and reduces your unit’s ability to cool your home efficiently.
  • Leaving grass clippings and stray leaves around your unit, which can form a clog at the bottom, restricting airflow in your outdoor unit.
  • Out of control vegetation growing around your outdoor unit will restrict airflow and damage the concrete pad the unit is on.
  • Twigs and branches falling on the condenser fan can damage the fins or get wedged within the fan blades, preventing them from working properly.

Yard work Benefitting  HVAC

Taking care of your lawn properly promotes a healthy outdoor unit and reduces the need for an emergency HVAC cleaning from a professional. Easy ways you can properly perform yard work while increasing your HVAC unit’s performance efficiency and lifespan include:

  • When mowing the yard, keep the discharge pointed away from the outdoor unit, preventing grass from blowing into the unit and clogging the coil. You can also install a bag attachment to your mower to reduce the amount of leftover grass clippings.
  • After mowing, gently hose the condenser unit off to remove any excess debris clinging to the coil which might restrict airflow.
  • Trim back any shrubs or vegetation around the unit, so there’s at least 2-3 feet of clearance on all sides. Gather up the clippings and dispose of them so they don’t accumulate on the coil.
  • When using yard equipment, like a weed eater, be cautious around the outdoor unit. You can accidentally bend the coil fins, damage tubing and cause a refrigerant leak or cut important wires. The best option is to hand pull weeds or spray them with herbicides.

Schedule Professional HVAC Cleaning

While doing yard work, you might notice damage to your outdoor unit or debris caught inside. Contact KS Services to have your outdoor unit cleaned properly. Thorough HVAC cleaning will detect if anything is damaged and allow our NATE-certified technicians to repair the damaged component immediately. The cost to have your HVAC unit cleaned is nothing compared to the expense of a breakdown of your unit when temperatures are running hot outside. HVAC cleaning by a KS Services technician keeps your system healthy and prolongs its lifespan. A clean outdoor unit also experiences boosted performance and efficiency, saving you monthly on your energy bill.

Yard work can increase your outdoor unit’s performance and life when done properly. Call KS Services to schedule an HVAC cleaning for your entire system, inside and out. Our NATE-certified professionals will diagnose any problems and keep your system running smoothly all season long.