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Even in the south, getting your home ready for winter is necessary to protect the interior and exterior from cold weather. A great way to get your home prepared for the winter is with HVAC winterization from a trusted heating and cooling company. KS Services supplies residents in and around Birmingham, Alabama, with HVAC maintenance, repairs, and installation for all types of heating and cooling equipment.  

HVAC Winterization For Your Home

The best way to winterize your heating and cooling system this year is by following these 5 tips for proper HVAC winterization. Each tip improves energy efficiency, strengthens the life of your system, and increases your indoor air quality.

  1. HVAC maintenance performed on your heating system annually keeps your system clear of debris and checks the entire system for preventable problems. During the maintenance call, a professional will check all the electrical connections, inspect the condensate drain and trap, lubricate any moving parts, and thoroughly inspect and service all components of your HVAC system. An HVAC expert will examine your gas furnace’s  gas connections, pressure, burner combustion, and heat exchanger during an HVAC maintenance call. KS Services offers annual service agreements to keep your home warm this winter.
  2. Inspect your HVAC filter on a monthly basis and change it if it’s dirty. During the fall and winter, your filter can become clogged with debris, such as pollen, dirt, and other pollutants. A dirty filter forces your heating and cooling system to work harder to keep your house warm in the winter. A clean filter allows your system to perform efficiently while increasing healthy indoor air. The filter will also be cleaned or replaced during a maintenance call.
  3. Clean the registers and air returns after fall. Dust builds up inside and around your vents and registers after a long season of circulating air throughout your home. This dust diminishes indoor air quality, which can negatively impact your heating equipment. Schedule a service call with a local heating and cooling company to clean the vents, grilles, and floor registers. Not only does this help winterize your home but it reduces allergens, improves your air quality, and protects your equipment.
  4. After a long, hot summer, your air conditioner needs to have HVAC winterization performed on it as well. Your outdoor unit can have vines, weeds, and other vegetation growing up around it. Search for twigs or leaves that might have fallen inside the outdoor unit and remove them. If you take care of cleaning your air conditioner now, it will create fewer complications in the spring when you start your unit back up.
  5. The evaporator coils get covered in grit year-round, reducing its capacity to function effectively. A knowledgeable technician will clean the coils to keep your unit primed and ready during the winter. An evaporator coil is extremely difficult to access, and a professional should be called to clean the coil. Once your evaporator coil is clean, you are ready for the impending winter weather!

Protect your home this winter with quality HVAC winterization. Schedule HVAC maintenance with KS Services today! We are a trusted heating and cooling company servicing residents in and around Birmingham, AL, since 2011. We know exactly how to prep your home this winter for optimum efficiency and performance.