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Water-efficient plumbing fixtures save more money than you think. A plumbing fixture with limited water usage keeps your water bill as low as possible. Don’t worry, however. Some people hear “water-efficient” and think the water pressure suffers.

Times have changed! Some fixtures are better than others of course, but you’d be surprised with the newer models. Luckily, KS Services’ licensed plumbers are here to help you choose the right water-efficient plumbing fixtures for your home.

Different Kinds of Water Usage

There are two units of measurement used to describe water usage.

  • Gallon per flush (gpf). This measurement covers the amount of water used by toilets and urinals when flushed.
  • Gallon per minute (gpm). Conversely, gallons per minute describes any other plumbing fixture – faucets and showerheads, in particular.

Water-efficient plumbing systems minimize the gallons per flush and the gallons per minute. This means they use as little water as possible to work successfully. Because of this, you are charged less for water consumption in your home.

Kinds of Water-Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

In general, updated plumbing fixtures use less water than old ones because of higher water consumption standards. However, confusion still arises when you pick out plumbing fixtures. These tips help you choose water-efficient plumbing fixtures for any part of your home.


The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house. It uses up to 30 percent of the average home’s indoor water consumption. Every time you flush, your toilet uses water to remove waste. Older toilets use a large amount of water, almost six gallons, to do this. Newer standards mean toilets can function using only 1.28 gallons per flush instead.

In addition, there are toilets known as “dual flush.” They offer two buttons or a two-direction lever. The button or lever position chosen selects the amount of flush you need.


Next, shower heads vastly contribute to your overall water consumption. Everyone showers; some people twice in one day! If you spend too long in the shower, your bill shows it. Aerating showerheads mix air with water. Use less water and still maintain comfortable water pressure.

Sink faucets

Lastly, consider the amount of water your faucet uses. You wash your hands several times in the day. Unfortunately faucets prone to leaking use even more water. We recommend a fixture with ceramic disc valves because they don’t rust or leak. Sink faucets benefit from aerators as well.

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More Tips to Save Money

Water-efficient plumbing fixtures make saving money on water bills easy; however, good water usage practices drop your bill down even more.

Sink usage

Wash hands and brush teeth with your sink faucet off. Use water for a quick initial wet-down and rinsing. Only use water when absolutely necessary. Use less water while to get clean.

Shorter showers

Long showers after a hard day are nice, but a low water bill is even better. Show your future self some kindness and limit the amount of time you spend in the shower to lower your water bill.

Reusable water bottles

Reduce your plastic and water consumption with a reusable water bottle. Get all the water you need with less refills. Feel hydrated and happy when your water bill reaches a new low!

Call KS for Water-Efficient Plumbing Fixtures and More

Overall, to lower your water bill, you need to invest in water-efficient plumbing fixtures. Our tips for less water usage lowers your bill even further. KS Services in Birmingham, Alabama knows how important it is to save money, so contact us today with your plumbing fixture needs. We also handle a variety of plumbing services. We install water heaters, clear drains, repair leaky pipes and more.

We’re here to help you every step of the way. Start saving money with water-efficient plumbing fixtures now! You’ll find us in Bessemer, Hoover, Pelham, Helena, Vestavia Hills, Chelsea, Calera, Mountain Brook and Homewood, Alabama.