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Thermostat technology has come a long way, even over the last couple of decades. From those manual dial-style thermostats to programmable thermostats and now smart thermostats, KS Services technicians have seen it all.

Thermostat technology continues to advance, bringing homeowners innovative features that improve home comfort and save energy.

See where thermostats began and where this technology is now, to learn how thermostats play a great role in the making of any smart home.

History of Thermostat Technology

The first thermostat was patented in 1830. Scottish chemist Andrew Ure patented his bimetallic thermostat which bent when the room’s temperature increased to cut off energy supply. Regardless of this patent, it still took over forty years for the thermostat to gain popularity.

Wisconsin professor Warren Johnson invented the earliest electric thermostat in 1883. This thermostat technology used a bell that would signal the building’s janitor to adjust furnace dampers, preventing Johnson from needing to contact the janitor whenever he felt cold in the building.

Johnson founded the Johnson Electric Service Company in 1885 to manufacture, install, and service his thermostat – the company still exists today as Johnson Controls.

Swiss-born inventor Albert Butz filed a patent in 1885 for his damper-flapper thermostat, which opened and closed a furnace’s door via automatic pulley system to regulate temperatures in a home.

He founded the Butz Thermoelectric Regulator company. It changed hands many times before merging in 1927 to become Honeywell International.

The iconic Honeywell Round thermostat was introduced in 1953, featuring the dial design seen in many homes of the era.

By the 1960s, manual thermostats featuring HEAT-OFF-COOL and FAN AUTO-ON switches were on the market. In the 1980s, the industry introduced LCD digital displays.

Thermostat Technology Today

Thermostat technology has come a long way since the first thermostat models of the 1800s. Programmable thermostats are present in many homes of today. They give homeowners the ability to set temperature programs based on the occupied schedules of the household to conserve energy.

Many have options to set up to four changes per day across the entire week, week and weekend. Some include a week plus Saturday plus Sunday.

In general, programmable thermostats offer various schedule options as well as user-friendly features such as full-color displays and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Smart thermostats are the latest advancement in thermostat technology, completely removing the need for programming.

Smart thermostats learn the household’s schedule and comfort preferences, then select the most energy efficient set points throughout the day. In addition, you control smart thermostats via mobile app because they are connected to Wi-Fi.

Geofencing technology can detect when a homeowner approaches the home and initiate a heating or cooling cycle so the home is at the perfect temperature upon arrival. By compiling usage data, smart thermostats deliver valuable energy consumption information. This helps homeowners better understand how they use energy. It allows them to make smarter energy efficiency choices for the home.

KS Services – Your Smart Thermostat Technology Headquarters

Take advantage of today’s thermostat technology to make your home a true smart home, with energy efficient settings and reliable comfort control.

KS Services offers new thermostat technology and quality installation so you can put a new smart or programmable thermostat to work in your home now. Contact us to learn more.