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With heat and humidity rising, the temperature inside your home will start to climb, too. You can help your interior cooling system by scheduling maintenance early so your unit is clean and free of any obstructions restricting proper airflow throughout your ductwork.

Don’t forget about your exterior cooling systems, such as your AC compressor and condenser! There are a few other ways you can boost your cooling system’s performance and lower your energy bills with your landscaping. Here are three landscaping tips sure to keep you cool regardless of the temperature outside.

#1 Create Shade

The most important landscaping tip is adequate shading for your outdoor unit. The outdoor unit houses the AC compressor, which can easily overheat during the hottest part of the day or if placed in direct sun. Creating shade for your outdoor unit allows heat to dissipate faster from the AC compressor and condenser, preventing your unit from overheating.

The heat emitted from the AC compressor and other components in the outdoor unit can lead to complete system failure if the unit isn’t able to cool off. Typically, the outdoor unit is built to handle the outdoor elements and providing extra shade will boost your HVAC’s ability to keep you cool indoors.

#2 Create a Barrier

Heat penetrates your home through the roof of your home, which raises the temperature indoors quickly. Your roof is the first place direct sunlight hits and with the aid of tall trees, you can provide shade against the sun. By planting tall trees around your house, especially on the side where the sun hits your house most often, you can drastically reduce your energy bills. Trees on the east and the west sides of your home are prime locations to block direct sunlight during the early hours of the day and later afternoon hours.

Evergreen trees are popular for shading and for boosted energy savings, consider planting deciduous trees with broad-leaves. Deciduous trees will provide shade during the summer, and in the winter when the leaves fall, the trees will allow direct sunlight to hit your home, providing warmth when you need it.

If you want another alternative to planting trees for shade, consider building a trellis along the exterior walls where vines can grow. The vines will coat your exterior walls, creating a barrier between the direct sunlight and your home.  

Pro Tip: Remember to preserve space of approximately 1-3 feet around your outdoor AC units. Allowing shrubbery or other plantings to grow too close may hamper the airflow, negatively affecting your unit’s efficiency. Also, remember to clear away any leaves and debris from the unit following storm activity.

#3 Create Breezes

Trees providing shade for your AC compressor, condenser, and other outdoor unit components provide an additional benefit. During the summer, cool breezes float in at night, and the trees will catch the cool breezes, pushing them toward your windows.

Even shrubs play a role in capturing and controlling the breeze. By planting shrubs under windows, the wind is pulled up and works with nearby trees to push the breeze down. Make sure shrubs aren’t planted too close to your exterior walls, which can create moisture problems when humidity is high.

Cooling your house off at night, when the sun is down, lets your air conditioner have a break from operating all day to maintain ideal temperatures in your home. The AC compressor and condenser will be able to cool off, and heat will fully dissipate before cooling your home the next day.

During the spring and summer, your cooling system takes a hit from the sun’s heat, and by utilizing these top 3 landscaping tips, your AC compressor, condenser, and indoor unit will function more efficiently. Call KS Services when the heat gets too intense, or if your AC compressor overheats! Our NATE-certified technicians will get your unit working quickly, so you can be cool and comfortable all season long.