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Enjoy Air Conditioning Dependability and Energy Savings for Years

Summer is fast approaching and with it comes extreme heat and humidity, especially in cities like Birmingham and Vestavia Hills; consider advantages when you upgrade air conditioners. Homeowners with air conditioners over 10 years old might be surprised to learn how efficient new air conditioners are compared to those a decade or older.

Consider planning a staycation at home this summer and invest vacation money toward a new cooling system to enjoy for years. KS Services has a variety of air conditioners, ductless cooling systems, and heat pumps to meet any budget. We offer different financing options to outfit your home with the best system to lower your energy bills and keep you comfortable during the upcoming heat waves.

Signs it is Time to Upgrade Air Conditioners

There are plenty of fun and exciting things to do with your loved ones in Alabama this summer, allowing you to still enjoy an adventure nearby while investing in your home comfort. Don’t forget, every kid loves the opportunity to build a fort inside!

Consider these warning signs of a cooling system in decline, so you can invest in a more efficient unit, saving you money in the long run.

  • Age of Your Air Conditioner:

Most air conditioners last close to 10 years or as much as 15 with strict routine maintenance. A unit close to a decade old naturally shows signs of wear and tear compared to when it was first installed. A qualified NATE-certified technician can assess if the wear and tear is excessive. Older air conditioners lose efficiency and require more frequent repairs over the years. The cost of continued repairs, energy loss and higher utility bills can be more expensive than the cost of upgrading to a newer system.

The benefits of investing in an upgraded system are so appealing! KS Services help Birmingham homeowners upgrade air conditioners, heat pumps or ductless systems with the latest HVAC technology. Newer units boast more dependable performance, especially with programmable or smart thermostats, increasing cooling efficiency with every use.

  • Increased Repairs:

If your air conditioner or heat pump breaks down or malfunctions often, it’s nearing the end of its life. It’s common for an older unit to need more expensive repairs as it ages. The repair costs to maintain your current unit easily become expensive and inconvenient, especially when it breaks down in the middle of a scorching summer holiday weekend.

Upgrade air conditioners and other cooling systems before HVAC repair costs pile up. The initial cost of a new unit might appear expensive, but you save money with minimal repairs. Plus, the warranty with upgrading ensures you are protected from manufacturer problems. KS Services offers financing to assist homeowners with payment options, so they can enjoy comfort and energy savings immediately.

  • Higher Energy Bills:

Another red flag to upgrade your current cooling equipment is your energy bill. A significant increase in your monthly energy bill versus previous seasons indicates something is wrong with your air conditioner, heat pump, or other cooling units. Decreased efficiency due to age or frequent HVAC repairs is common, resulting in higher energy use to keep your home cool.

Ask KS Services about our Energy Star certified products when upgrading your air conditioner or heat pump. Energy Star labeled products have earned an energy-efficient designation and save you up to 20 percent on your cooling costs. Your savings add up over Alabama’s long “cooling season,” leaving more in your wallet for fun with your family!

  • Uneven Temperatures:

Older air conditioners often provide uneven temperatures throughout your home. This leaves some rooms warmer than others, known as “hot spots.” Upgrade air conditioners to higher-efficiency models and pair them with programmable thermostats to promote consistent temperatures in every room. Newer advanced units pair with zoning devices to cool areas individually. This gives your system a break from working continuously to deliver cooled air to every room. KS Services offers zoning options for a new system and will pair your upgraded air conditioner with an efficient thermostat to boost savings throughout the year.

Or, if connecting to existing ductwork is a problem, consider the new ductless air conditioners. They’re quiet, efficient and can be installed virtually anywhere to enjoy zone control.

Call for a Free Estimate to Upgrade Air Conditioners

Consider a staycation this summer and put the money saved into upgraded air conditioners, heat pumps, or ductless cooling units. Call KS Services to evaluate your current system and provide a free estimate on a new air conditioner. Our team measures, evaluates and listens to your energy goals to recommend an AC unit to suit you.  We offer products to fit any budget and financing options to make upgrading your current system stress-free!