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If you’ve lived in Alabama for any period of time, you know how humid it can get in the Yellowhammer State. So, you may not think your home could benefit from having an HVAC humidifier installed. On the contrary, an HVAC humidifier in your home’s system provides you with a lot of benefits.

They work with your HVAC system and air ducts to circulate moisture efficiently throughout your home. They also use little energy and require minimal maintenance. This makes them a more user-friendly option than a portable humidifier. We outline some of the other advantages of an HVAC humidifier below.

An HVAC Humidifier Offers Convenience

One of the great things about an HVAC humidifier is how hands-off they are. Minus some simple maintenance a couple of times a year, you can practically set the humidity level and forget it.

When your furnace cycles heated air in your home, the air is also adequately humidified! An HVAC humidifier operates with a hygrometer to measure the humidity level. It automatically humidifies the air as your furnace warms it and circulates it through every room.

Their convenience also carries over into maintenance. You’ll only need to clean your HVAC humidifier once or twice a year to remove white dust mineral deposits left by evaporated water.

Improve Indoor Air Quality with an HVAC Humidifier

While many blame winter for respiratory infections and dry, itchy throats, it’s more likely the dry air in your home causing these health issues.

Dry air promotes the growth of some bacteria, viruses and respiratory irritants. These lead to dry skin and can even aggravate symptoms among asthma and allergy sufferers. Install a whole-home humidifier and alleviate some of these discomforts.

When you improve your home’s indoor air quality, adequate moisture enables the body’s immune system to better defend against indoor air pollutants and irritants.

Energy Savings and Increased Comfort

Save on utility costs when you keep your home’s humidity levels in check. With your humidity levels inside your home at an ideal level, you can turn your thermostat down a few degrees and still be comfortable.

In milder climates like Alabama, lowering the temperature in your home by just 7-10 degrees for 8 hours a day reduces your heating bill by as much as 10 percent a year, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Protect Your Home with an HVAC Humidifier

An HVAC humidifier balances the humidity levels in your home. This minimizes the damage of dry air throughout your home.

More moisture in the air prevents wood flooring, cabinets, furniture and other fixtures sensitive to dryness from cracking and drying out. It also reduces static electricity, especially during the dry winter months.

Let Us Help You Install an HVAC Humidifier

KS Services offers comprehensive indoor air quality as well as heating and cooling solutions, including the installation and maintenance of an HVAC humidifier. We’d love to help keep your home more comfortable this season — contact us today to schedule an initial consultation! We offer free estimates as well as finance options for new equipment.