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Just like cars require oil changes to run properly, HVAC systems need tuning up to operate efficiently. Regular service is important for a number of reasons.

Receive all the benefits of a professional heating and air conditioning system cleaning and more from the team at KS Services. With the Premium agreement you will receive discounts above and beyond our competitive repair and replacement pricing. View our various options with the link below.

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Outdoor Coil Cleaning

Indoor Coil Inspection

Electrical Inspection

Capacitance Check

Efficiency Check

Oil Motors

Tighten Connections

Basic Filter Change

Clean Burners

Check Gas Pressure

Check Flue Pipe

Clean/Treat Drain Line

Vacuum Air Handler

Check Pressure Levels


Repair Discount: 15%

New System Discount: 5%

Normal Hours Diagnostic Fee: $49

After Hours Diagnostic Fee: $49

Service + Maintenance Reminders: Call + Email

After Hours Customer Service: Voicemail + 30 Minute Callback

KS Service Buck Eligible: No

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