Why Heat Pumps are Perfect for Birmingham Homes

Heat pumps are the perfect heating and cooling option for homeowners in Birmingham, Alabama. Its dual function means it’s capable of both heating and cooling a living space to exactly the temperature you desire.

In the summertime, heat pumps are able to cool your home with ease by removing warm air from inside and transferring it outdoors. When colder weather comes, the heat pump works in reverse, extracting heat from the air outdoors and moving it inside the home for space heating. Since Birmingham, AL typically experiences more mild temperatures in the winter, heat pumps consume less energy compared to other heating options, which will help save you money on your monthly utility bills! Heat pumps are affordable, are more environmentally friendly since they transfer energy instead of producing energy, and generate less dry air during the heating season compared to furnaces. 

Our team is proficient in heat pump services in Birmingham, Alabama. You can count on us for quality installation, repairs, and maintenance throughout the life of your system. Whether you’re looking to make a switch to a heat pump system or you need someone to fix your current system, call KS Services for help.

Birmingham Heat Pump Repair Services

Just like any other heating and air conditioning system, your heat pump will need repair services at some point in its lifetime. Luckily, our knowledgeable HVAC technicians are able to properly diagnose any problems your heat pump is having and present repair options that will get your heat pump up and running again as quickly as possible. The best time to call KS Services for heat pump repairs in Birmingham, AL is at the first sign of trouble. Common warning signs include:

Inadequate Heating or Cooling: Are some rooms in your home warmer or cooler than others? Is your heat pump unable to reach the desired set temperature on your thermostat? It may be time to consider replacing an inefficient, aging heat pump with a newer more energy-efficient model; however, these issues may also be the result of a faulty compressor, leaky ducts, or inadequate refrigerant levels.

Reduced Air Flow: A decrease in the volume of air output can signal any number of issues, including a refrigerant leak, faulty ductwork, or a clogged air filter—all of which can place undue stress on system components.

Inability to Change Modes: A built-in reversing valve allows your heat pump to switch from heating mode to cooling mode as the seasons change, but if it should malfunction, you’ll need to call for repair.

Unusual Noises: Grinding, clicking, squealing, hissing, or other unusual sounds emanating from your heat pump are cause for concern and warrant a call for repair.

Icing: The most common cause of a build-up of ice along the coils is a refrigerant leak, requiring a professional assessment, repair, and recharging.

Birmingham Heat Pump Installation Services

Have you noticed your current HVAC system isn’t able to keep your home comfortable or that your utility bills have been increasing without explanation? Do you think it’s time to replace your old, worn-out furnace or heat pump? If so, call KS Services for heat pump replacement and installation in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas. Our team of professional HVAC technicians will determine if it’s in your best interest to repair your current HVAC system or if replacement is the best option. If a replacement is needed, our team will help you pick the best heat pump to fit your home’s needs and professionally install it.

Signs That Your Current Heat Pump Needs To Be Replaced


Regular heat pump maintenance will help heat pump systems last between 10-15 years. After that, they’re beyond their prime and don’t operate as efficiently as designed which could cost you more in utility bills than need be.

Repair Frequency

Occasional breakdowns are to be expected especially as your system ages. However, repair bills can be expensive and add up quickly if your heat pump needs to be repaired more than once or twice a year. If this sounds like you, it’s probably more cost-effective to have a new heat pump installed.

High Repair Cost

Whether it’s repair bills that keep stacking up or if the cost of a repair is about 50% of the cost of a new unit, we typically recommend replacement as the best option going forward. While the upfront cost can seem expensive, the energy efficiency and reliability of a new heat pump will offset the upfront cost.

KS Services is a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer so you know you’re getting a high-quality heat pump from one of the best manufacturers in the industry.

Keep Your Heat Pump Working Efficiently with Regular Maintenance

One reason people are hesitant to switch to a heat pump is that they cost more for the initial installation service. However, when you factor in the amount of money you’ll save on energy efficiency, it will make up the difference. However, to make the most of your investment, you should make sure you stay regular on maintenance service.

Maintenance should be done twice a year. Since heat pumps work year-round, having your system serviced before the hot summer months, and then before the chilly winter season prepares your system for whatever Mother Nature can throw at it.

During maintenance, an HVAC technician will inspect your system, clean it, and lubricate and tighten any loose parts. Maintenance can help lower the chances of needing a repair later in the season, restore your system to energy efficiency, and prevent additional stress. Many manufacturers require homeowners to keep up on regular maintenance service for their heat pumps to keep warranties valid. If you fall behind on maintenance, you may find that a major repair may be more expensive than you thought because your warranty lapsed due to lack of maintenance. Maintenance service is well worth the investment, and KS Services is happy to help keep your heat pump running efficiently for years to come.

Contact KS Services for Reliable Heat Pump Services

For all of your home’s heat pump installation, regular maintenance, and repair service needs, contact the reliable heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality professionals at KS Services today. We also provide services for other air conditioner models and heating systems in the Birmingham area. Give us a call today, or contact us online to request heat pump service.

  • Bryant Heat Pump 214DNABryant Heat Pump 214DNA


    Model : 214DNA

    Efficiency Rating: Up to 14 SEER

    Sound Level: 69 dB

    Compressor: Single Stage

    Parts Warranty: 10 Year

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  • Bryant Heat Pump 226ANABryant Heat Pump 226ANA


    Model : 226ANA

    Efficiency Rating: Up to 17.5 SEER

    Sound Level: 70 dB

    Compressor: Two Stage

    Parts Warranty: 10 Year

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  • Bryant Heat Pump 288BNVBryant Heat Pump 288BNV


    Model : 288BNV

    Efficiency Rating: Up to 18 SEER

    Sound Level: 55 dB

    Compressor: 5 Speed Variable Speed

    Parts Warranty: 10 Year

    Learn more

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