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Do you want your home to be comfortable, but don’t want to empty your bank account paying utility bills every month? Air source heat pumps could be just the heating and cooling solution you’re looking for. One appliance can cool your home in the summer months and heat it in the winter without burning natural gas or any other fossil fuels. These systems are ideal for hot climates in Birmingham and can make a big difference in your monthly utility bills. 

KS Services is proud to provide quality heat pump installation services in Birmingham, AL. Let’s explore how these systems work, the benefits of having one, and how we can help make sure your system works well throughout its lifetime. When you’re ready to have one installed in your home, give KS Services a call.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps have two modes of operation: heating and cooling. In the winter, you’ll set your heat pump to “heat” mode. The heat pump extracts heat from the air outside and transfers it into your home.

The process begins with the outdoor unit collecting heat from the air and using a refrigerant to absorb the heat. Even when it feels quite cold outside, there is still heat energy present in the air that can be used. This refrigerant then flows through the outdoor coil and the compressor before traveling into the indoor unit. The indoor unit’s coil then transfers the heat to the air circulating through your HVAC system, providing a warm and comfortable environment inside your home. In the summer, the process is reversed. Heat is taken from inside the home and transferred outside. 

Heat pumps only use electricity to operate, and do not require natural gas to heat or cool a home. A new heat pump system can use air ducts like a traditional HVAC system, or it can be ductless with air handlers in rooms or zones to allow each area to be its own custom temperature. 

You may have heard that heat pumps aren’t energy efficient when it gets too hot or too cold. New systems are being developed all the time, so we can match you with the right system that can work reliably in our climate. However, if you are worried about extreme temperature swings, you can still have a furnace or air conditioner installed in your home as a backup system. When your heat pump can’t keep up, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort. Your backup system will automatically kick on to keep your home comfortable. You may still burn fossil fuels if you have a gas furnace installed, but it will only need to run on occasion, cutting your usage back significantly. 

What Are The Benefits of Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps are pretty common throughout Alabama, but if you haven’t talked to your friends and neighbors about the benefits they’ve experienced from their heat pumps, allow us to enlighten you. 

  • Energy Efficiency – The heating and cooling process of a heat pump uses a lot less energy to produce heating or cooling than a traditional AC or furnace system. In fact, contemporary models may be 50% more efficient compared to traditional furnaces. 

  • One System for 2 functions – With one system to both heat and cool your home, you’ll have less difficulty troubleshooting home comfort issues. You can always call KS Services for maintenance and repairs on your heat pump system. 

  • Environmentally Friendly –  Since heat pumps do not burn natural gas or propane like conventional furnaces, installing a forced air heat pump reduces carbon emissions. Heat pumps only run on electricity and do not produce any carbon emissions. 

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality – Furnaces tend to create dry air in the winter months. A heat pump has better control of humidity levels and the constant air exchanges allow fresh air to circulate in your home more often, improving your indoor air quality. 


Heat Pump Replacement, Maintenance, and Repair Services Available from KS Services

You might be hesitant to invest in a new HVAC system that you’re unfamiliar with because you might be nervous that you won’t be able to find anyone to service it if something goes wrong. However, heat pumps are the wave of the future and are built by quality manufacturers that you can trust. At KS Services, we install Bryant brand heat pumps, but we can provide any of the following heat pump services, regardless of the brand you have installed in your home. 

Heat Pump Replacement

Heat pumps tend to last 10-15 years. If your heat pump is getting up there in age and you’ve noticed it isn’t keeping your home as comfortable as it used to be, then it’s probably time to replace it. Frequent repairs, soaring energy bills, and loud operation are also signs that it could be time to replace your HVAC system. KS Services can remove your old unit and install a brand-new one for you.

Heat Pump Repairs

Many times, if your heat pump isn’t working properly, it most likely just needs a simple repair to restore it to its best condition. It’s always a smart idea to talk to an experienced HVAC technician the minute you notice there’s a problem. When components in a heat pump break, other parts of the system need to work harder to compensate. This can cause stress on the system and cause worse problems to develop. Calling earlier rather than later can save you money on repair costs. 

Heat Pump Maintenance

Since heat pumps work year-round to keep your home comfortable, you’ll need to schedule maintenance for them twice a year. You want to have maintenance performed in the fall before the heating season starts, and again in the spring before temperatures get too hot and you want your heat pump to cool your home. Keeping up with regular maintenance can help keep your energy costs down as well. 

A New Heat Pump Can Be Affordable with Our Flexible Financing Option

When your heating and cooling systems break down, you need to replace your unit as fast as possible. However, not every family has the means to pay for a new system upfront. At KS Services, we understand that purchasing a new HVAC system can be a big financial burden, but your comfort is our top priority. This is why we offer flexible financing options through Wells Fargo bank for our Birmingham area customers who qualify.

A new heat pump system is much more affordable when it’s broken up into smaller payments. There are also many government rebates and tax credits available for the installation of energy-efficient heating and cooling systems like heat pumps. KS Services can work with you to help you save the most money possible on a new system.

Schedule an Appointment For an Estimate for the Installation of a New Heat Pump Today

Don’t wait for your current HVAC system to die. It’s best to get ahead of the game and replace your system on your terms. You can save a lot of money and time by working with an experienced company like KS Services. We can help you find the right heat pump system that is the perfect size for your home and can meet all your heating and cooling needs. Schedule an appointment with KS Services today for heat pump installation in Birmingham, AL.

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