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If you’re a person who is conscious about their impact on the environment, or maybe you’re conscious of how much you spend on heating and cooling bills throughout the year, a heat pump might be the answer to your concerns. Heat pumps are systems that can provide the heat of a furnace and the cool air of air conditioning in one compact unit.

KS services has an experienced HVAC service staff to answer all of your heat pump questions and help you find the perfect unit that is best for your home.

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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Heat Pump

Like any appliance, heat pumps don’t last forever. As your heat pump unit ages, you’ll notice differences in its operation. Some of the most common signs that it’s time to replace your heat pump are:

Energy Bills are Rising

When any of your HVAC equipment begins to age, it will become less efficient. Minor repairs will help along the way, but if your energy usage continues to trend higher and higher without any significant changes to your usage, it’s a sign that your heat pump is getting old. A newer unit will be much more efficient and reliable than your current unit. 

Unit Isn’t Performing Well

You rely on your heat pump to warm or cool your house. However, if you’re noticing cold spots throughout your house, or your unit doesn’t kick on right away when the temperature is adjusted, it could be signs that your unit is in need of replacement. 

Frequent Repairs

If it seems like you’re calling an experienced heat pump repair team every couple of weeks for heat pump repairs, then it’s time to really consider if these repairs are worth it. Talk to your heating and air conditioner company to see what the new repairs have cost you so far, if these repairs are still covered under warranty, and how much it costs for a new heat pump to be installed. If your heat pump is no longer under warranty, and your repair bills are adding up, then a new heat pump might be the most economical option. 

Unit Is Over 10 Years Old

With proper maintenance, heat pumps tend to last 10-15 years. Once your heat pump hits year 10 and you notice more and more issues, replacing it is probably for the best. 


Benefits of a Heat Pump

Whether you’re looking to replace your current heat pump, make a switch to a more efficient HVAC system, or are weighing your options for which type of heating and cooling system you want for your newly constructed home, KS Services lists the benefits of a heat pump and why you might want to consider getting one:

Can Heat and Cool

Heat pumps can both heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer. In the winter, heat pumps take the heat from outside and pump it inside through refrigerant-filled coils. In the winter, this process works in reverse. The heat pump removes the heat from the house and cools it. Heat pumps are great for warmer climates like Hoover, Alabama because our winters aren’t severe, so it makes it easier to run a heat pump in cold temperatures. 

Energy Efficient

Heat pumps are more energy efficient than traditional furnaces and air conditioners. Why? Because a furnace takes the air, heats it up with fuel, and then transports it around the house through air ducts. With a heat pump, it transfers heat from outside, inside. Heat pumps rely on electricity and not on natural gas or oil. Heat pumps also need less energy throughout the heating and cooling process. When you switch to a heat pump, you’ll notice the energy savings right away. 

Better Indoor Air Quality

Some heat pumps do not need air ducts to change the temperature in the house. Ductless mini split heat pumps use a small conduit that attaches to the indoor air handler. Without air ducts, the dust, allergens, and debris commonly found in ducts can’t spread through the air. This improves your indoor air quality immensely.  Heat pumps are also great at controlling the humidity in your home.

Environmentally Friendly

There are two types of heat pumps: air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps. They both work the same way, except ground source heat pumps rely on the constant heat of the earth for a source of heat instead of the air. Both systems do not need natural gas or oil, making them much more efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Financing with KS Services Makes a New Heat Pump Affordable

KS Services doesn’t want you to suffer in the cold or heat because a new heat pump seems too expensive. This is why we offer flexible financing options for our customers. A large lump sum can be broken down into affordable monthly payments, so replacing your heat pump doesn’t break the bank. Talk to us today about how we can help with our affordable financing options.

Call KS Services for Heat Pump Installation Services in Hoover, AL

For reliable heat pump installation services, trust the experienced HVAC team at KS Services. We are happy to answer any questions, help you pick out the unit best suited for your needs, and install your new heat pump in your Hoover, AL or Birmingham area home. KS Services is an HVAC company you can trust for reliable service. Call today to learn more about heat pump installation.

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