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Whether you’re a new transplant to the Pelham, AL, area or you’ve lived here for your entire life, you know first-hand how hot the summers can be. Typically, this means keeping your air conditioning system on full blast. While this certainly does a lot to fend off those warm temperatures, it can also put a lot of stress on your AC unit over time. The last thing you want is to have your unit go out on a scorching hot day, especially if it’s unexpected. It’s the kind of unfortunate event that will turn a great day into a bad one very quickly.

Thankfully, this is one possibility that you do not have to face alone with the experts at KS Services by your side. Our passionate, experienced, and forward-thinking team has decades of combined experience in virtually all types of air conditioning repairs, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to show you what we can do. 

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Breaking Things Down: Common Signs of Air Conditioner Troubles

If you go to turn on your air conditioning unit, and it doesn’t come on at all, you have a problem on your hands. But sometimes, other issues may be impacting the performance, even if it doesn’t necessarily cause the system to stop working altogether. 

The team at KS Services can come to your location and diagnose the issue quickly so we can stop a small problem before it has a chance to become a much bigger and more expensive one down the road. 

Check out these common signs your unit needs repair:

You Feel Nothing But Warm Air

By far, one of the most obvious signs that you have an issue that needs fixing is if your air vents are only blowing out hot air. This is essentially the opposite of what an air conditioner is designed to do. In a lot of situations, all we need to do is change the air filter to get that cool air flowing once again. However, you may have a refrigerant leak or could even be dealing with frozen coils. That’s why it’s important to call the KS Services team as soon as possible to get an accurate diagnosis.

Your Air Conditioning is Constantly Running

Under completely normal operation, your air conditioner should only kick on when designated by your thermostat to cool the room to an acceptable temperature. But if your air conditioning comes on and never seems to turn off, it’s an indication that there may be something more serious going on. Our KS Services team members will get to the root cause of the issue, which could be something like a damaged compressor or even a problem with your thermostat. 

Your Energy Bills Are Spiking

Another common sign that you might have an air conditioner problem is when your energy bills become sky-high every month. An increase in your energy consumption during the warm winter months of the year is to be expected. But if your bills are suddenly dramatically higher than they have ever been with no end in sight, this is an indication that your air conditioning system is probably working a lot harder than it should be and needs repair. 

You Notice Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is one of the core components of any air conditioning system. If your system develops a leak, refrigerant might start to drip out of it. Not only will this immediately drop the efficiency of the unit, but it could also lead to other serious issues with your compressor over time. The KS Services team will always make sure that these are the types of problems you do not have to face and that your refrigerant levels are exactly where they should be. 

Strange Sounds and Smells

Always be mindful of any strange sounds or smells that might be coming from your air conditioning unit. If you begin to experience any kind of musty smell, this is likely an indication that there is mold or even mildew growing at some point in the system. Likewise, if you hear your unit squealing, rattling, grinding, or making a hanging noise every time it turns on or off, this is something that you shouldn’t ignore. Thankfully, regardless of the severity of the situation, the KS Services team will expertly repair your AC. 


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The Importance of Air Conditioner Maintenance

A lot of homeowners don’t realize just how important proactive air conditioner maintenance is. You’d never drive your car for 100,000 miles without taking it into a shop and making sure nothing needs to be attended to – the same should be true of your AC unit.

Not only will regular maintenance help the unit last longer, but it will also go a long way toward cutting down on any surprisingly high utility bills as well.

At KS Services, we offer a comprehensive annual maintenance program for all air conditioners in Pelham, AL, and the surrounding areas. We’ll come to your home and make sure that your AC unit is running exactly as it should be, year after year. We’ll remove debris, check for damage, and take care of anything that we need.

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