Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement Service in Vestavia Hills

Keep your Vestavia, AL., home or business cool this summer with preventive maintenance from KS Services! By maintaining your system before the heat and humidity arrive, you will achieve higher energy savings and healthier indoor air throughout the season. A clean system performs easily without struggling against dirty filters or clogged air ducts. Call us today to find out more about our maintenance plans at KS Services.

We know that the cost of HVAC services can be high, but we have years of experience satisfying the comfort needs of customers in Vestavia and the surrounding Birmingham, AL., area. If your equipment is repeatedly on the fritz, it’s time call to discuss a replacement service for your cooling system. We are a carrier of good-quality, high-efficient air conditioners, heat pumps, ductless AC systems and air handlers to keep your home cool during the South’s heat waves at a price that will fit your budget.

Our NATE-certified technicians are trained and highly skilled for installation service on all our Bryant cooling systems. If you are in the Birmingham, AL., area, call to schedule a free estimate for new unit installation, and prepare to sit back and rake in the savings!

Common Air Conditioning Repair Services We Provide!

Refrigerant Leaks: Have you had problems with with water on the floor by your HVAC unit or noticed ice forming on your evaporator coils? This could be an indicator that your air conditioning unit is suffering from a refrigerant leak. Your HVAC unit uses refrigerant to create the cool air in your home, but when the refrigerant is low or empty, your unit won’t function properly and might even be heating air in your Birmingham area home. If this is a problem, we are available to help. Just contact our Birmingham, AL., team to request a NATE-certified professional who we guarantee will perform your AC repair service right the first time.

Thermostat Operating Issues: Your thermostat has the very important job of communicating an accurate reading of your air conditioning and heating system in your home. A false reading from a thermostat can cause your unit to work harder than needed to maintain the desired temperature of your family throughout the day. While this repair could be as simple as replacing the batteries, there may be a more complicated problem that requires the care of a professional. If you have are still unsuccessful after using new batteries in your thermostat, call our Vestavia team for repair services.

Electronic Control Failure and System Cycling: The compressor and fan that controls the inside of your air conditioning unit will eventually wear out with use over time. If your heater or cooling unit turns on frequently, you should call KS Services in Vestavia Hills to schedule AC repair service.

Heating Repair & Replacement Service in Vestavia Hills

The winters might be mild in Vestavia Hills, but you will still experience low temperatures that will affect your home’s environment. Prepare for those extreme lows by calling our KS Services team in Vestavia Hills, AL., for preventative maintenance service on your heating system. Our technicians are knowledgeable to address any problem and perform any service on your furnace, ductless heating system, heat pump or air handler.

We only hire technicians who have passed rigorous testing to achieve their NATE-certification. When you see NATE-certified next to your technician’s name, it means they are skilled, experienced and dedicated to on-going training on techniques and service in the HVAC industry. On-going training is essential considering the industry changes often with all the technological advancements to boost heating efficiency. Our professionals can perform a maintenance service on your current system or a full service to repair your unit if it breaks down. Don’t wait until your heating system malfunctions; call KS Services in Vestavia Hills for seasonal maintenance with excellent customer service!

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